About Us

R. Muse Company is devoted to bringing quality tooling, patterns, molds, castings and machining to all our clients.

In operation for over 50 years, R. Muse Company supplies customers with fabricated precision products in all industries. Starting as a small woodworking shop, R. Muse Company has proven to be competitive by continually monitoring and updating our equipment and processes. Now, R Muse Co. is a technologically advanced operation, which easily accommodates large production runs while still maintaining a focus on low quantity fabrication.

Our advances in the manufacturing field are a result of continually improving the efficiency of the company by incorporating state of the art technologies and drawing on the expertise of our experienced craftsmen.

R. Muse Co. is an internationally recognized industrial manufacturing corporation, supplying customers with unsurpassed solutions for fabrication and production needs from prototypes to finished assemblies.

We provide our customers with parts machined from solid stock or castings in various materials and finishes. Some industrial uses include machine parts, engine parts, valves, pumps, architectural and lighting components, as well as prototypes. We also fabricate molds and provide repair services to utility and transportation companies.

We consistently exceed clients’ expectations by providing the best solutions to all manufacturing specifications and building quality into every step of our operations.

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